Transforming Higher Ed: SmartEvals’ Success Stories at Edgewood College and Spelman College

SmartEvals continues to make waves in changing institutions of higher education’s experiences during their end-of-semester evaluations. Through innovative strategies and tailored customization, the company has not only addressed the challenges faced by many schools, but has significantly enhanced the evaluation experience for both students and faculty. Let’s delve into the success stories of two universities, Edgewood College and Spelman College, and explore how SmartEvals can bring similar improvements to your school.

Edgewood College’s Success: Boosted Response Rates and Tailored Customization

After Edgewood College decided to trust SmartEvals, they experienced remarkable improvements. According to feedback, the institution’s increased response rates and individualized reporting have been game-changers for Edgewood College. SmartEvals recognized that traditional email reminders were not enough to engage students effectively. To tackle this, they implemented into their software a unique approach by sending reminders through SMS and Alexa notifications.

The result? A significant boost in response rates, with improvements reaching up to 15%. This innovative method ensures that students are more actively involved in the evaluation process, providing valuable insights for instructors. Furthermore, SmartEvals’ tailored customization allows instructors to create personalized reports, catering to their specific needs and areas of development. Whether an instructor is a statistician or an artist, SmartEvals ensures that the feedback received is relevant and beneficial.

Spelman College’s Journey: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Outstanding Results

Spelman College faced challenges with their previous evaluation methods, prompting them to seek a solution with SmartEvals. In the first year of their partnership, Spelman College experienced a remarkable 85% response rate, with nearly 10% of students providing feedback on the very first day of launch. SmartEvals’ automation and customer support team played a pivotal role in alleviating survey stress for both students and faculty.

The success at Spelman College was not just about numbers; it was about creating an environment where faculty actively participated in the evaluation process, motivating students to provide meaningful feedback. By entrusting SmartEvals, Spelman College not only overcame challenges but also fostered a positive and engaging evaluation experience.

SmartEvals: Tailoring Success for Every University

The success stories at Edgewood College and Spelman College showcase how SmartEvals’ innovative approach can revolutionize the course evaluation landscape. The company’s commitment to raising response rates, providing tailored customization, and offering continuous support positions them as a reliable partner for universities seeking improvement.

SmartEvals invites universities to reflect on their past evaluation seasons, identifying areas for enhancement. Through personalized demos and discussions, SmartEvals aims to understand unique challenges and tailor solutions that fit the specific needs of each institution. The success achieved at Edgewood College and Spelman College serves as a testament to SmartEvals’ ability to transform the course evaluation process for the better, ensuring a brighter and more engaging future for higher education.

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