Helping Instructors is One of Our Top Priorities

We know that, to build up your response rates as much as possible, we need your instructors to “buy in” to the process. Because SmartEvals recognizes this, we have many ways of getting your faculty involved. They include:

  • being able to send out personalized “thank you” messages to students who complete evaluations,
  • giving out extra points to students who complete their evaluations,
  • sending out emails to students who have not completed thier evaluations, which generally will get them an 80%+ response rate or higher
  • printing out class-specific QR codes, which enables instructors to get the identical response rates you would get on paper
  • and more

Here are some ways our solution helps instructors:

  • Partial screenshot showing SmartEvals' question applicability interface
    The ability to flag questions that they disagree with, or don’t think that the question is applicable to their class
  • An instructor is adding learning outcomes to his courses on the SmartEvals system
    Adding in class-specific learning outcomes
  • Partial screenshot showing response rate reports in real-time
    Tracking their response rates in real-time, even before evaluation periods have ended
  • Partial screenshot showing a series of dropdown filters for reporting
    The ability for an instructor to group results of specific types of classes (like all labs, course titles, etc.)
  • Partial screenshot showing a historical results tracking chart
    The ability for an instructor to track results over time
  • A man presents to display the functionality of the extra point button
    Giving extra points to students who complete their evaluations
  • Partial screenshot showing advice given on a question from peers
    The ability to see coaching and feedback on how to improve on a particular question
  • Partial screenshot showing an interface for an instructor to seek a mentor
    The ability to look for mentors at your school (and others) to improve their teaching methodologies

You can start training your faculty right now!

If you are a SmartEvals client, we can meet with your faculty via GoToMeeting and give them helpful training on how to get the best results with the least amount of work.

Want to experience SmartEvals first hand?