Analytics for Higher Education

SmartEvals Course Evaluation Software delivers automated management, enhanced engagement and insightful reporting— all optimized to the needs of your campus.

Superior Data for Empowered Teaching and Learning


Say goodbye to burdensome administration! SmartEvals delivers full-cycle process automation for flawless course evaluations every term. Automated administrative features include:
  • Administrator's Dashboard View
    Automated dashboards with real-time status updates
  • Data Synchronization
    Data synchronization with your existing ERP or SIS
  • Sample view of preloaded question banks
    Pre-loaded question banks
  • Report Distribution
    Automated report distribution
  • Our friendly customer support staff are ready to assist you
    Quick, friendly assistance from our in-house Customer Support team


When it comes to course evaluations, student participation is everything. SmartEvals includes a powerful suite of engagement tools to maximize survey response rates on your campus, and get to the heart of student experience. Engagement features include:
  • ADA 508 Compliance
    WCAG and ADA-compliance for a fully-inclusive user experience
  • Student on mobile device viewing her course evaluations
    Mobile device compatibility for on-the-go access
  • Student receiving text reminder to take her course evaluations
    Automated messaging via email, text, and voice calls
  • A portion of just one of the premade banners we make for your campus
    Sleek, downloadable signage and video announcements
  • A screenshot example of SmartEvals Course Evaluation Software being integrated with Blackboard
    Seamless integration with Blackboard Learn and Ultra, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace, and other learning management systems
  • Response rates shown in real time for each course in the reports
    Real-time response rate reporting


SmartEvals delivers unmatched flexibility to fit your unique institutional needs. With a range of customization options and intuitive integration, SmartEvals easily conforms to your campus. Optimization features include:
  • a stack of servers
    Integrated data sharing with your existing ERP, SIS or homegrown database
  • integration with your existing learning management system
    Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tools for easy integration with your existing LMS
  • an instructor discusses end-of-semester reports with her teaching assistants
    Configurable role-based permissions for each level of hierarchy at your college or university
  • screenshot of how a team-taught course might look on a student's course evaluation
    Intuitive solutions for team-taught and cross-listed course evaluations
  • screenshot of how different types of surveys may appear on a student's to-complete list
    Flexibility for conducting summative and formative course evaluations, as well as general purpose surveys and educational assessments
  • Screenshot showing some of the SmartEvals email template/editor interface
    Fully customizable templates for reminders, survey forms, and reports
  • Instructor in front of chalkboard smiling
    Specialized tools for educators! Empower faculty with the ability to add custom course learning objectives, survey questions, and automated messages to students


Actionable reporting is the whole reason for collecting student feedback in the first place. That’s why SmartEvals reports are designed to provide instant insights into data, trends, and development opportunities. Analytics features include:

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