SmartEvals’ Green Mission: Planting the Seeds of Sustainability in Western New York and Beyond

This April, SmartEvals is once again continuing its project to aid in reforesting western New York. Conducting their largest tree-planting project to date, SmartEvals, along with local volunteers, will be planting 2,800 trees throughout the weekends of April. They’re eager to get planting again and repeat the success of previous planting missions.

SmartEvals welcomes volunteers and urges groups, families, and individuals interested in sustainability to join them. Their inbox is always open to answer any questions or greet new volunteers: Those curious about the project can also learn more on their website:

Environmental Conservation and Sustainability on America’s Public Lands

In addition to SmartEvals’ dedication to online course evaluations, its dedication to preserving America’s public lands and promoting environmental sustainability is another top priority. With a focus on conservation, waste reduction, and sustainability initiatives, SmartEvals is setting industry standards for environmental responsibility. Endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation, SmartEvals protects 120,000 acres of land, providing vital habitats for wildlife and opportunities for people to connect with nature.

Partnering with organizations like the Nature Conservancy, SmartEvals identifies and supports high-value environmental projects. By contributing funds and leveraging matching gifts, SmartEvals ensures the success of projects like grazing retirement in Capitol Reef National Park, safeguarding cherished landscapes in Southern Utah.

As a member of the National Wildlife Federation’s President’s Leadership Council, SmartEvals CEO Larry Piegza recognizes the importance of preserving these spaces for future generations. Through initiatives like the Adopt A Wildlife Acre program, SmartEvals expands protected habitats, benefiting wildlife such as Gray Wolves, Chinook Salmon, and Grizzly Bears.

In addition to its conservation efforts, SmartEvals leads by example in sustainability practices. Solar panels installed at their headquarters generate 100% of the energy consumed, reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Through community engagement and innovative projects like the wildflower garden, SmartEvals demonstrates its dedication to environmental conservation and creating positive change. Together with supporters and partners, SmartEvals ensures that America’s public lands remain accessible and pristine for generations to come.

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