SmartEvals was started 17 years ago (as when a university instructor became frustrated with the results he got from his course evaluations. He created SmartEvals as a way of empowering every instructor to improve their courses every semester. Our company has the following mission statement:

At SmartEvals,

We believe in bringing out the best in people

We create environments that empower and educate

Our systems improve teaching and help people achieve their goals

This mission drives our internal culture and our interactions with our customers. Our current goal is to “Surprise and Delight” everyone who interacts with our company. To do this, we recognize that we will need to be in constant communication with our current partners so that we can see the difficulties that they are having and find ways of solving their needs. If you would like to be surprised and delighted today, for instance, just ask to see a demonstration of a product! It is our commitment that you will be thoroughly astonished at how fun the demonstration is.

Inspired Innovators

SmartEvals LLC is a pioneering developer of institutional assessment software for higher education. Every day, SmartEvals enacts its mission of empowering educators with meaningful data by delivering product offerings that span course evaluation management, early warning & attendance systems, and a suite of data analytics tools.

Founded in Buffalo, New York in 2002, SmartEvals began as a small startup called GAP Technologies, Inc. Built with a vision to revolutionize course evaluation surveys by taking the process online, GAP’s flagship product—then known as—was quickly adopted by hundreds of colleges and universities who sought an eco-friendly option that offered convenience, efficiency, lower cost, and flexible analytics. As GAP’s line of software solutions continued to grow, became SmartEvals, and SmartEvals LLC was born. To this day, SmartEvals continues to thrive under the leadership of founding president Larry Piegza.

SmartEvals added the DropGuard™ Early Warning System to their software lineup in 2013 when they recognized that it can leverage its technologies to teach students how to be better students. The results have been overwhelmingly positive from colleges that use the system; so much so, SmartEvals has become confident enough to guarantee a full refund to any customer whose retention rate doesn’t increase in the first year of using DropGuard™.

Throughout SmartEvals’ history, our passion for bringing out the best in people has remained at the root of everything we do. As we look ahead to the coming decades, we are energized by emerging technologies as we continue to develop innovative, data-driven solutions for better learning.