Simple, Yet Sophisticated

Powerful reporting tools make sense of your data without compromising on the depth of analysis.

All the Tools You Need

From our years of delivering the best possible product to our customers, we know that schools can have incredibly complex systems—the types of instruments they would like to utilize, and the ways that they want faculty and staff to view results. Because of this, we know you’re probably looking for one or more of the following:

  • Printable results & reports, emailed directly to your faculty and deans
  • Distribution reports
  • Vibrant charts and graphs
  • The ability to see trends over time
  • Basic statistics like mean, median and mode
  • Advanced statistics like interpolated median, Z-scores, T-scores, percentile rank and confidence intervals
  • Quick & easy integration with your Student Information System
  • The ability to group statistics by course type, level, department, etc.
  • Reporting for team-taught and cross-listed courses
  • Full data downloaded automatically to your servers each semester
  • Rich visual customization of your reports, created in your school’s colors

Here is the best part: SmartEvals checks off all of those boxes. Our reporting and data analysis tools are second to none in the industry, and are guaranteed to meet and exceed your school’s needs.

Transparency and Engagement

Automated report delivery means that every stakeholder at your institution will have constant access to up-to-date data and analyses, plus the convenience of reports delivered right to their inbox.

Incisive Data Visualization

Charts and graphs reveal trends in your data, for informed institutional decision-making, planning, goal-directed instructional development.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Dive deeply into your data with a comprehensive set of statistical data points and analysis tools, including:

  • Basic statistics like mean, median and mode
  • Advanced statistics like interpolated median, Z-Scores, T-Scores, percentile rank and confidence intervals
  • Built-in cross-tab query tool with user-friendly drop-down menus and filtering options
  • Detailed score distribution reporting
  • Longitudinal / time-based trend analysis, and predictive analytics

Full Flexibility

Get the tools you need to support your institution’s unique insitutional research goals. SmartEvals is fully customizable to ensure your institutional analysis needs are met:

  • Choose custom colors to match your school’s branding
  • Group data by course type, level, department, or other attribute for custom analyses
  • Manage granular, role-based reporting permissions to ensure that the right data goes to the right people
  • Get intelligent reporting for cross-listed and team-taught courses
  • Pull in student demographic data from your SIS, ERP or other system

Learn More

The best way to experience the SmartEvals reporting suite is to schedule a demonstration. You’ll get a guided overview of SmartEvals’ flexible reporting module, and have the opportunity to test drive our interactive analytics tools!