We know that many instructors are not interested in studying their course evaluation results for hours looking for clues to improve their classes.  We are all busy.  Due to this, we have designed our course evaluation software to analyze all of your results over all of the years and come up with the one question that you should focus on to make the overall greatest improvement in your classes with the least amount of effort.   We then have many tools designed to help you with your improvement.  First, you will be able to look at suggestions from other instructors who score well on this question.  Second, our software will be able to connect you to a mentor to help you improve.  Third, you will be able to fill out an action plan for your improvement.  This will guarantee a structured plan of looking at how to improve.  Even better, your school will be able to tell your accreditation agencies that they have a customized improvement plan for each and every one of their instructors.

In additon:

Your school’s faculty development committee will get analysis on how to target training to your faculty

Your school will have a way of keeping your action plan fresh in your mind.

You will be able to add questions to your survey to collect targeted information on how to improve on these questions.

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