NYU Wagner

"The faculty was amazed at the amount of useful data that was available immediately"

Rafael Hernandez

Westminster College

"Using [SmartEvals] is quick and easy."

Meggan Levitt

Faculty Technology Center

Notre Dame of Maryland University

"While we were very happy with the product during our pilot, you should know that the support we received from SmartEvals ... was a key factor in my support of your product as the one for our institution. We are a small institution with a small support staff.  ... Our immediate needs were very basic and we were up and running within days of me actually sitting down to concentrate on getting the service set up."

Crissa Holder Smith

South Texas College

"Thank you so much for the excellent customer service you provide to the students and faculty at STC."

Laura B. Talbot

Officer, Curriculum and Accreditation

Colorado State University - Pueblo

"We were extremely happy with the results after our first semester with [SmartEvals] and got considerably better response rates than we expected. Also, I have not heard one single complaint from a student; many even commented on how easy it was to use the [SmartEvals] system and felt secure that it offered them confidentiality."

Russ Meyer

Provost and Vice President Academic Affairs

Colorado State University - Pueblo

"I am thrilled with the [SmartEvals Course Evaluations] system; I couldn’t be happier! Everybody likes the reports that are provided and all the information that is so easily available. The School got a 75% response rate our first semester with [SmartEvals] ...."

Michael Fronmueller

Dean - Hasan School of Business

Lamar University

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding support in our recent round of evaluations!"

Tom Matthews, Ph.D.

Director of Assessment

Furman University

"We were surprised to get a response rate using SmartEvals that was higher than or equal to the response rates we previously achieved using our divisional paper surveys."

Paula Gabbert

Associate Academic Dean


"The most important thing which I liked was that the evaluation was online and so convenient. It was easy to use and understand as only the courses we registered for were shown on the screen. We did not have to search for those. Overall it was a good experience."

Ami Shah


Judson University

"I can always count on [SmartEvals Customer Support] to help me answer all the questions I get from our Judson instructors and administrators."

Martha Johnson

Director of Online Education and Instructional Technology

Delaware State University

"The [SmartEvals] team did a great job working with our school to deliver exceptional response rates. They are willing to try ANYTHING. In fact, our Fall 2007 semester using [SmartEvals] was our most successful student evaluation...in the entire history of Delaware State University!"

Dr. Ricky Hardy

Office of Testing

Chicago College of Performing Arts

"One of the reasons that we have stayed with [SmartEvals] is that your customer service is extraordinary. ... Thanks for all your help. It is truly exemplary."

Dr. Rudy Marcozzi

Associate Dean

West Liberty University

"I always get the help I need from your friendly support staff."

Paula Tomasik

Christian Brothers University

"I am so happy to have the opportunity to tell you what a wonderful, outstanding staff you have! ... This service is above and beyond! ... If only the rest of the world worked like you all...."

Anne Ballam

Associate Registrar

Philander Smith College

"The implementation was a great success! Kudos to your tech support staff.. They helped me get the program up and running in a short time frame."

Beverly Richardson

Director of Research and Assessment

Edgewood College

"At Edgewood College we were already using evaluation software to do our course evaluations online, but were finding that the software was not scalable to the size of our small college. In addition, our response rates were pretty low because it was not as well run as this service. After our first semester of using [SmartEvals], our faculty were thrilled with the reporting and analysis tools at their fingertips and were thrilled to see a 15% jump in our response rates. ... We started saving 40% every year. It wasn’t just theoretical money either; we literally reduced our budget line for evaluations by $4,000. The real savings (if you add in the time it freed me up to do my job) was probably double."

David Smalley

Manager of Institutional Research

Montgomery County Community College

"Montgomery Community College has very stringent reporting rules. These rules determine which deans get to see which results and how often tenured instructors are required to show their results to the administration. One of the reasons we chose [SmartEvals] was that they had a very simple and easy solution that solved all of our needs. ... Everyone has such a positive, can-do attitude...and they deliver too!"

Dr. Joan Brookshire

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

University of Texas

"The first thing that comes to mind is the excellent service SmartEvals.com has provided us in the development and implementation of our course evaluations."

Stephanie Tamborello

MidAmerica Nazarene University

"I feel I am better informed because of those who utilize the system."

Dennis Troyer

Director of Retention and Student Success

Blue Ridge Community College

"I appreciate EVERYONE at SmartEvals. I’m SO impressed with the amazing, friendly support that I ALWAYS receive from all of you! ... I’d love to see other companies mirror the superb support that all of you give to your clients .... I can’t tell you how important you guys are to me in getting my job done & just how much I appreciate all of the assistance you give to me!"

Melodee Edington Leyshon

Event-Instructional Assistant

Washburn University

"I’m glad you’re ’taking care of business’ with our B-School data! ... Your stellar support continues to exceed my expectations!"

Dr. Timothy Peterson

Dean of Academic Outreach

The Chicago School

"I ... want to thank you for the immediate attention you always give to the issues we encounter. The support team at [SmartEvals] has always been very quick to resolve the problems. Thank you."

Alison Gillings

Senior Research Analyst - Office of Institutional Research

Furman University

"Your customer service has been awesome and some of the best I’ve ever encountered. I genuinely look forward to working with you and your company."

Christina Horn

Seattle University - College of Nursing

"You guys are the best tech support I’ve ever dealt with, you go above and beyond."

Doug Herstad

Keystone College

"From a technical perspective, they have an easy to implement single-sign-on process that we were able to splice our SIS into. It all runs on their servers and you access everything via browser. ... Your dean can specify questions that will appear on every survey across the board, and instructors can go in and add some of their own .... No one can see an individual student’s responses--one of the benefits of working with an outside company that can make that commitment to students. ... I must admit I was skeptical as to whether or not online response rates would be equivalent to a paper process administered to a captive audience in a class, but it is working for us"

Charlie Prothero

Chief Information Officer

Seattle University - Matteo Ricci College

"Customer service is always superb! Your team is so helpful and kind!"

Lindsay Mannion

Mansfield University

"My anxiety about administering your online course evaluations has indeed been unfounded because of the tremendous support [SmartEvals's] support team has once again given me. I’m beyond pleased with your company’s customer support, which is surely unrivaled. ... I particularly appreciate their patience, and their encouraging words that I’ll improve my mastery of the system. ... Trust me, I’m one of your biggest cheerleaders, and believe quality should be recognized and spoken about. ... Every time I think [SmartEvals] can’t outdo itself for customer service, I’m proven wrong. You guys are the best.

Dr. John R. Cosgrove, Ph.D.

Director of Institutional Research

Lesley University

"You guys rock! Thank you so much for your help; this is great."

Karen Muncaster

Associate VP

Carnegie Mellon University

"The system provides many venues for reporting for instructors, [department heads, deans] and our public domain. ... The support is excellent! ... I appreciate (as always) your friendly and patient support! ... This is what you call great customer service--seriously!!"

Joy Cavaliero

Associate Registrar

Seattle University

"[SmartEvals Support has] consistently been able to understand our unique issues and help me troubleshoot solutions for our course structure and special needs. They always went above and beyond the call of duty and patiently walked me through every change and solution. They took the time to develop an understanding of our course structure that enabled [them] to troubleshoot our various issues and create a mechanism for your system to meet our needs every quarter."

Morgan Malmquist Dutton

Academic Systems and Operations - College of Nursing

Tri-County Technical College

"Your responsiveness is one of the reasons my pilot has gone so well. I have been made to feel like the success of my project was a top concern, which has been atypical in my experience with software support."

Christopher Marino

Primary Evaluation Administrator

Northeast Mississippi Community College

"We have had a wonderful experience with the company and they have made many customizations in the program for us. I would say that is their best attribute – their willingness to accommodate whatever the customer wants. They have logged many hours of programming for us at no extra charge to us. They don’t just give you the product and expect you to conform to it; it conforms to you.  ... The responsiveness of the company has been overwhelming."

Rilla Jones

Associate Vice President of Planning and Research

NYU School of Social Work

"The experience overall was wonderful. Even though it was my first time implementing such a system, your staff was always courteous and helpful. The program has been very easily accessible and I’m very pleased with the outcomes thus far. Again, I want to thank you for all of your professionalism and attention to detail. Your thoroughness in guiding and helping me set up the system made for an effortless transition. P.S. I love the audio help guide!"

Christine Campbell

Registration Services Manager

University of Mary

"I wish all my vendors had your level of support talent and professionalism. "

Brandon Holt

Holy Family University

"Everyone was pleased with the results of the pilot. Faculty were particularly impressed with the increased number and extent of written comments provided by the students."

S. Maureen McGarrity, Ph.D.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Washburn University

"The student response was impressive and the student comments are very helpful in my course planning. Will the faculty have an opportunity to voice and recommend that we continue with this survey vendor?"

John Kratina


Philanders Smith

"Everyone was extremely helpful. "

Beverly Richardson

University at Buffalo: School of Social Work

"[SmartEvals] is a rare breed in software companies. You truly understand the meaning of customer service!"

Judah R. Gibson

Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

East Mississippi Community College

"99% of our full time instructors use DropGuard for attendance and early alert. ... About 66% or our adjuncts use it. ... The product has been a positive cultural change at EMCC. Faculty love the ease of sending information to students, and students appreciate the feedback from instructors. When we coupled automatic phone calls with absence warnings, we expected most students to opt out of receiving calls; this has not been the case. They do actually press a key to indicate if they are returning to class after an absence or intend to drop. ... Our band director is excited about the new attendance procedure because he carries his tablet to the marching field. He will be able to enter attendance data on the field instead of carrying a scrap of paper back to his office to transfer information to DropGuard. We enjoy SmartEvals’s responsiveness to our requests for change and integration with Canvas!"

Laura Damm

Student Success Coordinator

Northeastern Illinois University

"I would like to send a very special thank you to your entire support team. I would not [have] been able to deploy our Fall 2013 end of semester e-surveys without the expertise of your entire support group."

Kenneth S. Beyer

Learning Technologies Specialist

Governors State University

"Setting up our first evaluation was much easier than I had thought it would be. The system is very easy to use!"

Veronica Williams

Director, Extended University

University of Mary

"Working with [SmartEvals] has been a very positive experience. Their technical support team has been quick to respond to requests for assistance, and I have been pleased with the level of customer service provided. We have recently completed a pilot of the [SmartEvals] system, and we will be replacing our paper-based evaluations with [SmartEvals]."

Monte Schaff

Title III Coordinator

Oklahoma City Community College

"Since I conduct my surveys a few times a year there is always one little thing I forget and you folks are wonderful in talking me through my questions. They are always friendly on the phone and are willing to go the extra mile when I have a problem. I truly appreciate you and your staff and whenever I get an opportunity I tell researchers from other colleges and universities. The ability to create my own survey is a true plus and when I can provide instructors an opportunity to add questions I am really pleased. Then the icing on the cake is the ability to have one survey for multiple instructors teaching the same class. This was a definite issue when we were conducting the survey with paper copies."

Dr. Janet Perry

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

University of Utah

"I love the resetting evaluations for students feature and have had to use this a couple dozen times already. Thanks to ... the [SmartEvals] team for getting everything set up on such a short timeline. I’m very glad we chose [SmartEvals] and you should be proud of your outstanding customer service in a time when it’s the exception instead of the rule."

Jill Stephenson

Program Manager - Student Course Feedback

Bethany College

"LOVE THIS THING!!!!!! I went through all the faculty data for Education Dept. They are so clear and concise, it takes no time to see strengths and weaknesses. I really like the chart on each report that clearly tells them what they should focus on for improvement, and what their strengths are."

Gail Konzem

Chair of the Education Department

North Central State College

"The [SmartEvals Course Evaluations] system was very user-friendly and intuitive to setup. Setting up our first evaluation was a breeze!"

Gina Kamwithi

Chair, Community Education Department

University of Tulsa

"SmartEvals provides the best support - always professional, informed, and patient! -- sheila-givens@utulsa.edu"

Sheila Givens

Primary Evaluation Administrator

Western State College

"It has been a pleasure to work with you. I always received help when I needed it and the help was always given in a calm, clear, and concise manner."

Ann Wegert

Academic Affairs Office

Stillman College

"I want to take this time to express my utmost satisfaction with the support staff at SmartEvals. On a scale from 1-10, I would rate all of them a 10. Please let your staff know that I really appreciated each and every one of them that I had the pleasure of speaking with."

David A. Cooper

IT Systems Specialist

Arizona State University

"We have to stop thinking of vendors as vendors, and think of them as partners. We have to do this, schools no longer have the luxury of investigating such decisions for months on end."

Adrian Sannier

VP and CIO

UB School of Social Work

"We were very happy with the response rates using [SmartEvals]. In fact, it was about double what we received using another vendor the previous semester.

Dr. Kathleen A. Kost

Texas Christian University

"Good Product. Excellent customer support team."

Tanisha Arrington

University at Buffalo: School of Management

"Contrary to my expectations for the vast majority of questions (85%) the average rating given by our students went up by somewhere between .01 and .20 points with the [SmartEvals] system. In other words, the students who completed evaluations seemed to be systematically more favorable to their instructors."

Frank Krzystofiak

Associate Dean for Exec. Ed.

Maharishi University of Management

"Thank you for taking the time and great care in responding to my concerns. I greatly appreciate your help. SmartEvals provides the best care and support in the world!"

Michael Farrer

Evaluations Department Manager

Edgewood College

"The online evaluation system was easy to use and time-efficient. In fact, having the opportunity to complete evaluations on my own time schedule and at my own pace allowed me to provide more complete information than I might have otherwise. The e-mail reminders linked to the website were also helpful."

Jeffrey A. Jones


Washburn University

"Had to take the time to tell you how much I appreciated this [online course evaluation system]! They’re just so much faster, easier to complete and make comments on. I did mine today on my smartphone! How easy is that!?! Thanks so much!


Maharishi University of Management

"SmartEvals customer service continues to be super."

Michael Farrer

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