Stop Assault
  1. Have your students take a preliminary survey in the Fall semester. This will meet all of your federally mandated 2016 Title IX requirements as well. You can compare your results against the 25 other schools who have already taken the survey in 2015.
  2. Play these commercials (below) on your campus's television network. Versions with alternate wording available for commercials 3 - 5.
  3. Have your students re-take the survey in the Spring semester to compare the results.
  4. Consider presenting at AIR 2016 with us and share your school's experiences of educating your students.

The training videos are:

Commercial 1 - Taylor

Commercial 2 - Congratulations*

Commercial 3 - Athlete*

Full clients have access to these!

Commercial 4 - Do you love me?*

Commercial 5 - What's with the commercials?*

Commercial 6 - Help*

* This video is available only for paid customers

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