Delivers the lowest total cost of ownership

Our course evaluation application is designed with cutting-edge technology, providing a tremendous level of flexibility and customization. It delivers the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to both paper-based evaluations and those offered by online competitors.

We enrich the culture of course evaluations by delivering a customizable, internet-based solution that provides better information for faculty and administrators making data-driven decisions.

We can interface with your school’s web portal, Blackboard™ and all other databases.

Our application features charts that are easy to read and interpret, as well as graphs and reports that give specific, targeted feedback. This makes it easy for instructors to improve their performance!

We offer superior client support. When you call us, real people answer the phone and deliver personal service. Get help when you need it!

  • myFocus™ creates a knowledge base of best practices, identifies areas where instructors should focus their efforts, and creates Action Plans.
  • Ascend™ is a compilation of our clients’ most popular and reliable questions. Use it to compare your school against other schools.
  • Our Dropped Course Survey gives you a tool to find out why students drop courses. Reduce dropped courses, achieve your student retention goals, and save valuable tuition dollars.
  • Our application is instructor friendly! Your faculty will enjoy higher response rates, the ability to add their own questions, and the ability to comment on a question's applicability to their class.

Enhance Academic Affairs Assessment

Students and faculty can access their evaluations through a variety of methods such as integration with an existing portal system or through our customizable e-mail system. Response rates can be then tracked in real-time. You can customize your reports. Remove or add any questions that you choose not to have normative data on. This allows you to get the data that you need.

Academic Review

To meet any requirements your institution has set forth for things like accreditation, our program review allows you to enhance your development process. We provide you with tools to organize and collect your review data online in an easily accessible format. You can use our tools to present to both internal and external audiences the process you're using to develop your academic staff.

Dropped-Course Survey

In talking with institutions around the country, we are increasingly hearing about concerns of student attrition. Our patent-pending Dropped-Course Survey is helping schools address this area. Most schools only survey those students who have actually completed a course. With our program, you can gain valuable feedback on why students are dropping courses and enact measures to reduce this. In many cases, our services pay for themselves by decreasing the number of courses dropped throughout the year; the majority of schools only need to prevent students from dropping ten courses total for the entire year in order to cover the expense of our service. As the number of dropped courses is declining, overall student attrition will decline. In other words, our program could actually generate revenue for your school.

  • Shows accreditation bodies that you are focused on gathering all of your customers' feedback and identifying the barriers to your students' learning.
  • Identifies the components of your classes that cause students to drop them—be they financial, instructor-related, or course-related.
  • Can compare dropped course statistics against those of other schools and determine whether the reasons students drop courses are similar or dissimilar. For example, it might show that 20% more of your students drop a particular class because they didn't feel they were prepared, when compared against other schools.
  • Provides summative and formative information on how to improve your classes, turning negative responses into constructive criticism.
  • Ensures that you receive dropped course data, the way you want to see it, with data integrated into different reports.

Follow-up Question Technology

  • Is integrated into the course-assessment survey to help academic institutions receive more specific diagnostic feedback.
  • Provides you with the ability to ask a follow-up question to students who answer in the bottom range of questions.
  • Reduces the overall number of questions asked to students.
  • Merges follow-up question data with all of the answers from every disgruntled student the instructor has ever taught, so that patterns will begin to emerge.

Data Exportation

  • One-click exportation of survey data into Microsoft Excel™ Word™, PDF, XML, HTML or CSV.
  • Provides Institutional Research directors the ability to generate custom documents.
  • Provides personal copy of survey results.


Our Course Evaluation software features myFocus™, an innovative and unique tool for helping instructors act upon their course evaluation results. We analyze the results and rank them into categories from the instructor's "weakest" to "strongest" performance and pinpoint the areas where improvement potential is the greatest. myFocus™ invites instructors to create Action Plans to address those specific areas. These Action Plans are consolidated and can be optionally presented to department heads and administration. myFocus™ also helps document best practices by building an instructor knowledge base for improvement. Where instructors' performance is strong, myFocus™ will invite them to Give Advice. It will capture actions, tips, and techniques that your strongest faculty members have used to excel in their evaluations.

Email Effectiveness Tool

Our Email Effectiveness Tool is designed to analyze the reminder emails schools send to students to fill out their evaluations. We analyzed over 60 different factors and found out that some schools can get an amazing 30% response rate on a single email. We have also found that some of our clients cannot get better than a 5% response rate on any email they write.

We then ran a series of sophisticated regression analyses, isolating 65 different factors across the hundreds of emails in our system. Factors such as:

  • Did they mention a prize, generically or specifically (iPod, Garmin, etc.)?
  • Did they mention an instructor's name?
  • Did they mention a due date?
  • Did they contain a sign-on link? Etc.

We wanted to see which factors correlated most closely with effective emails!

We found out some really interesting stuff, including one factor that statistically enhanced the response rate of each email that includes it by 2–3%.

With the Email Effectiveness Tool, you can see which email had the highest response rates out of all of the emails sent out by all of our client schools, and you can view the content of those emails. These successful emails are available to all of our schools to use as their own. In fact, we encourage you to tap into our best practices for response rates so that you can raise your response rates and minimize your workload.

No other vendor offers the sophisticated tools to drive survey response rates like SmartEvals!

These are just a few of the features that our system provides:

  • A variety of answer choices: Multiple Choice, Likert Scale, Select All That Apply, Text Box, and more.
  • The ability to easily copy surveys or use questions in multiple surveys.
  • The ability to require answers for select questions.
  • Follow-up Questions: Questions based on answers to previous questions.
  • The option to show or hide questions and/or answers.
  • A simple, easy survey design interface.
  • E-mail reminders to your students/faculty to complete the evaluations.
  • Real-time response rate tracking.
  • Allows a link to the survey in your student portal.
  • Supports multiple login authentication methods including CAS, Shibboleth, LDAP, Single Sign On, and more.
  • Exporting of raw data.
  • Exporting of reports in over a half-dozen different formats.
  • Tools to improve instructor performance.
  • Anonymity Assurance: Your students' data is confidential.
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