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Comprehensive planning and assessment

Learning Outcomes is a comprehensive online solution for institutional planning and assessment. With its advanced data collection and reporting toolkits, Learning Outcomes delivers the information you need to carry out strategic institutional planning, assess goal achievement, complete program reviews, and attain accreditation.
At SmartEvals, we enrich the culture of assessment by providing a customizable, internet-based solution that engages stakeholders and delivers precision reporting. Learning Outcomes will streamline your assessment process and deliver valuable data, putting you on track for sustained educational excellence.

Effective management tools that keep you on track for success:

  • Centralization of institutional data and streamline assessment needs.
  • Development of custom outcome-based assessments in line with specific institutional objectives.
  • Powerful reporting to support strategic planning, provide evidence of program review progress, and demonstrate achievement of accreditation requirements.
  • Improvement of overall educational experience with meaningful assessment data.

Systematically collect and report institutional data

With SmartEvals' advanced data import process you are able to quickly and easily centralize institutional data for superior data analysis capabilities. Powerful built-in reporting tools streamline assessment needs and put student, faculty and institutional data all in one convenient place.

Advanced toolkits for development of valuable assessment criteria

Rely on built-in templates for guidance in developing highly effective outcome-based assessments, or implement unique assessment rubrics in line with specific institutional objectives—the choice is yours! Dynamic customization options allow you to develop assessment criteria at school, program, and instructor levels, while giving you the flexibility to adapt as institutional goals evolve.

Powerful reporting to support planning and assessment

Put your assessment data to work! Rapid report delivery empowers you with an array of valuable data. With SmartEvals, you can clearly and easily document goal achievement to support strategic planning, provide evidence of program review progress, and demonstrate achievement of accreditation requirements.

Improve learning with meaningful assessment data

Easy-to-read reports translate to clear action plans and rapid goal attainment, while customizable assessment rubrics engage educators in building a culture of transparency and accountability.

  • Easy tracking and management of the entire assessment workflow from a convenient online interface.
  • Establishment of standardized outcome-based learning objectives.
  • Three levels of engagement: School, Program, and Instructor.
  • Allows you to create as many different assessment rubrics as you need - yourself!
  • Helps you to clearly communicate outcome-based learning goals to students and educators, and demonstrate how their success will be assessed.
  • Issues reports delivering clear evidence of goal achievement to support strategic planning.
  • Demonstrates progress for programmatic or departmental review purposes.
  • Dynamic assessment criteria that adapt to your changing requirements.
  • Customizable rubrics that align learning goals and development activities with unique institutional objectives.
  • Lets you conduct assessments your way, using your process and outcomes assessment rubrics.
  • Reduces costs and improves educator accountability.
  • Gives you control of assessment launch and close.
  • Centralizes institutional data with SmartEvals' advanced data import process.
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