Research indicates that effective advising is critical to helping students succeed. SmartEvals has recently added a new piece to help solve the student success puzzle. The Academic Advising Survey gathers detailed information providing a clear picture of colleges' and universities' advising programs and how students approach advising.

The information provided will allow a college or university to measure and assess the relationships between student behavior, advisor behavior and retention/graduation rates at the institution.

Can Your Institution Answer These Simple Questions?

  1. Do your advisors actively engage with your students to help them achieve and grow?
  2. Do they help set goals and follow up with students?
  3. What best practices do your advisors use to assure success—not only with the school but also with students?
  4. How often do students go to see their academic advisors?
  5. Where do your students turn to when they have questions?

These are just a few questions that can be addressed when implementing the Academic Advisor Survey solution at your school. Whether you choose to use this product alone or with our DropGuard™ Retention System, you will see an increase in your school's retention. This product will also assure you are putting the right students with the right advisors so that your students may be successful and graduate on time.

Gather Detailed Information

With our Academic Advising Survey, your school can gather valuable, detailed information regarding student responsibilities and behavior, faculty responsibilities and behavior and student perception of advising outcomes.

Not only can you use this information to assess relationships between student/advisor behavior and retention, but also to evaluate which specific actions and/or educational activities are shown to improve retention and graduation rate the most at your school.

Same Great SmartEvals Tools

All of this data will come with the superb analysis and reporting tools that you would normally expect from a SmartEvals product, including built-in cross-tab query functionality as well as the ability to bring multiple surveys, completed by a group of students, together.

The Academic Advising Survey can also be implemented alongside other SmartEvals products such as our Online Course Evaluations, Class Year Survey or any other student surveys. If you happen to use another product, that's OK; it's easy to implement and administer our Advising Survey as a stand-alone product.

  • Easily copy surveys or use questions in multiple surveys.
  • A simple, easy survey design interface.
  • Real-time response rate tracking.
  • Put a link to the survey in your student portal.
  • Export raw data.
  • Export reports in over a half dozen different formats.
  • Anonymity Assurance: Your students' data is confidential.
  • Export your reports into a full range of formats including PDF, XLS, CSV, and more.
  • Seamless integration with SmartEvals Class Year, Ascend™ and Course Evaluation Surveys.
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