Gap Technologies, Inc. prides itself on developing new technologies for colleges, universities and companies that allow you to improve with the least amount of effort.

We do this by understanding how you, our customers, analyze data to make decisions, and by providing you with the tools to do it effortlessly. We are constantly welcoming feedback from all of our customers and refining our software to deliver on your every need.

Gap Technologies, Inc. (or "GAP", an acronym for "Geniuses At Play") was founded in 2001 by Larry Piegza. The initial focus of the company is to develop web-based educational course evaluations. Today, with over ten years of experience, the SmartEvals products cover all of a school's needs for helping complete the "student success puzzle". We currently serve the needs of hundreds of collegiate institutions with a fully-hosted software application. Our products allow the flexibility to support the diverse range of educational institutions ranging from small community colleges to large research universities.

GAP's main corporate office and information technology resources, including production server application hosting infrastructure, are located in Buffalo, New York.

   Enjoy the benefit of having live, real-person customer support ready to assist you!

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Phone: 888-309-1169 or 716-803-1111
Fax: 951-344-0463

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Phone: 888-309-1169

GAP Technologies, Inc.
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