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Undoubtedly you have looked at a variety of retention products and case studies and have concluded that it would be really helpful to see a head-to-head comparison of various retention products. The problem is that it seems impossible to find 10–20 identical schools which each adopted different strategies in order to do competitive comparisons of different retention products.

Fortunately, in Mississippi there are 15 community colleges that are nearly identical in every way imaginable. Over the years, each of them selected different strategies for improvement. They used a variety of technology vendors and all were under pressure to do whatever it takes to increase graduation and retention.

Two of the Mississippi colleges selected DropGuard™ to help them obtain better graduation and retention rates. Coincidently, the two colleges lagged significantly behind their peers in graduation rates during the 2008-2010 time periods. Each had a poorer, more rural student population and a more disadvantageous faculty to student ratio (NCES). This study shows how those two colleges leveraged the DropGuard™ retention system to significantly outperform their peers three years later.

This case study uses IPEDS data, as well as other data the colleges provided, to show that the change in graduation rates (a 65% improvement in one college’s case) was not a statistical quirk or accounting trick. They recognized that with the DropGuard™ system:

  • More students were attending class
  • Tutoring offices were finding students in need quicker
  • Departments communicated more effectively
  • they could inexpensively supplement their overworked I.T. department
  • They were teaching their entire student population healthy learning skills on the first day of class.

The results of this case study will be more applicable to your school if your instructors take attendance, or if your school uses Canvas™, Moodle™, or Blackboard™. However, it will still be worthwhile even if your school has none of these advantages, because DropGuard™ is guaranteed to raise your school’s retention rate…or it's free.

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The DropGuard™ Early Warning System—just one of our available pieces to solving your "student success puzzle"—is an innovative and empowering retention tool. It gives faculty and staff the ability to identify and address at-risk students while lowering your institution's attrition rate and saving you valuable tuition dollars. Best of all, we are proud to offer DropGuard™ with a full money-back guarantee.

Early Alerts for Successful Retention Strategies

Weekly DropGuard™ reports make it easy for your school to allocate valuable resources to the most dropout-prone students. Plus, DropGuard™ coordinates pre-enrollment warning indicators with regular updates from faculty and staff regarding at-risk behavior and post-enrollment performance. DropGuard’s™ multi-dimensional risk analysis allows you to proactively match student needs with appropriate institutional support services, giving you enhanced institutional effectiveness during the intervention process. With DropGuard™, it’s easy to provide a timely and effective response to struggling or dissatisfied students.

Customizable Warning Flags

We know that every school is different. That’s why DropGuard™ features fully customizable warning flags to allow accurate at-risk student identification no matter what the specific needs of your institution are. Consult our convenient templates to select common early-warning flags or create custom warning flags to fit your institution. DropGuard™ allows you to store alert types and assign numeric severity levels for added reporting precision.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Automated email reminders effortlessly engage the continued participation of faculty and staff in identifying, monitoring and tracking at-risk students. All updates occur in real time, streamlining the management and intervention process by synchronizing data from across your campus.

Integrate Seamlessly with All Other SmartEvals Products

With DropGuard™, you can effortlessly:

  • Gauge student satisfaction by administering satisfaction surveys following a student’s use of a campus office or facility.
  • Gain perspective on a non-returning student’s reasons for withdrawal with our Class Year Surveys featuring innovative follow-up question technology.
  • Proactively engage struggling but well-performing students by administering our check-up surveys during the critical early weeks of the semester.

Boost Retention and Increase Revenue

The DropGuard™ Early Warning System will improve your school's retention rate, saving you valuable tuition dollars. DropGuard™ works because it gathers and reports data early in the semester, allowing you to address the concerns of at-risk students before they make the decision to drop out.

Increase the Effectiveness of Intervention Measures

All warning information is captured and managed online by an easy-to-use Web interface. Attrition warnings can be shared across campus offices and departments for the most complete student risk profiles possible. We equip you with ways to intervene efficiently and successfully to ensure proactive support in piecing together the "student success puzzle."

Keeps Students Actively Engaged

For most students, piecing together their "success puzzle" can be a challenge. Navigating through new surroundings, starting something new, feeling accepted, or just trying to learn can all be signs of a student's need for help with their puzzle. DropGuard™ detects student problems as soon as they begin to emerge, which enables you to intervene as early and effectively as possible, all while providing students with the insight and tools needed to achieve and complete their "success puzzle."

These are just a few of the features that our system provides:

  • Uploading and storage of student demographic data for added dimensions of pre-enrollment attrition risk analysis.
  • Real-time updating, correction, and deletion of data, so institutional support staff can instantly track at-risk management procedures.
  • Customized warning flags and numeric severity levels to gauge attrition risks with precision accuracy.
  • Automated email reminders that effortlessly engage the continued participation of faculty and staff in reporting students’ academic or personal difficulties.
  • Intuitive user interfaces for faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Reports that present an ordered list of students, making it easy for your school to allocate valuable institutional support services to students most prone to dropout.
  • Easy dissemination of at-risk student reports to appropriate individuals and campus offices.
  • Exporting of your reports into a full range of formats including PDF, XLS, CSV, and more.
  • Seamless integration with SmartEvals Class Year, Benchmarking and Course Evaluation Surveys.

Would you or your Institutional Research Director like to be able to see benchmarking data both between and within subjects? Do you use one of the other high-cost, low-output survey systems? Why not take a look at our Class Year surveys? Their numerous benefits and flexible functionality are detailed in this video.

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