We’re proud to count some of the best and brightest educators among our vibrant community of SmartEvals partners. Every year, we reward exceptional accomplishments in institutional research, effectiveness, and assessment. Congratulations to all those whom we’re lucky enough to call partners!

SmartEvals 2017 Partner of the Year for Technological Innovation

Cathleen Morreale - University at Buffalo

Assessment Specialist
SmartEvals Partner since January 2017

With over 30,000 students, the University at Buffalo is among the largest of SmartEvals partner institutions. Despite the scale and complexity of their installation, the UB team has demonstrated exceptional organization and flexibility in transitioning to SmartEvals. Primary Administrator Cathleen Morreale has been there through the whole process, from overseeing the legacy data translation, to evaluation and testing of various standard and custom features to adapt the SmartEvals experience to fit the specific needs of the UB community. Within just weeks, for example, UB become one of the first of SmartEvals clients to fully implement and leverage new modular question set assignment methodology for flexibility in survey design.

The dynamism and savviness of Cathleen and her team have enabled UB to achieve a course evaluation strategy that fully complements and enhances its assessment processes, and improves the evaluation experience for students, faculty, and staff alike.

SmartEvals 2017 Partner of the Year for Inspired Campus Engagement

Dr. Tanjula Petty - Albany Technical College

Vice President for Academic Affairs
SmartEvals Partner since June 2016

Since partnering with SmartEvals, Albany Technical College’s survey response rates increased from 18% to 84%! ATC’s success stands as one of the most impressive response rate gains in SmartEvals history, and couldn’t have been accomplished without the school’s adoption of innovative engagement strategies on its campus.

Led by Dr. Tanjula Petty, the ATC team is adept at identifying the needs of faculty, staff, and students, and shaping their engagement campaigns to fit. As a result, ATC has built an inspiring set of initiatives to improve the accessibility and visibility of course evaluations, including LMS integration, email notification, printed signage, and in-class survey completion. ATC has made great strides in the use of evaluation results for instructional improvement, too, with creative ideas for making results easier to find, understand, and apply. Altogether, Dr. Petty and her team have wowed us with their commitment to making evaluations an asset to the ATC community!

SmartEvals 2017 Trophy for Partner of the Year Award for Student Retention

Sandra Lujan - El Paso Community College

SmartEvals Partner since November 2014

El Paso Community College is passionate about helping its nearly 30,000 students achieve their educational and career goals. When our team began working with EPCC in late 2014, we were immediately struck by how many student success programs the school had in place. Ever since, we have remained impressed at the hard work and dedication displayed by EPCC’s DropGuard Administrator Sandra Lujan and her team.

EPCC’s strategic approach to early alert has focused heavily on first time in college (FTIC) students. Through creativity and a keen sense of the school’s resources and student needs, Sandra has succeeded in tailoring the DropGuard application to not only track detailed FTIC warnings, but also to alert the right faculty and staff so that student issues can be resolved quickly. SmartEvals is driven by a culture of ingenuity and hard work, and we are truly proud to share these values with everyone at EPCC who is passionate about making a difference in students' lives.

Honorable Mention: the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston for strength in numbers with a 95% response rate.

We want to congratulate all of our partners, and everyone that is a part of SmartEvals!

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