Schools must take immediate steps to address any sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence happening on campus to prevent it from affecting students further.

The first step of President Obama's action proposal given in April 2014 calls for schools to actively identify the extent of the problem on campus via campus climate surveys.

Why a Climate Survey?

Climate surveys allow you, the school, to understand student perceptions and attitudes on campus, relevant knowledge about policies and procedures, and the amount of sexual assault occurring. Regularly administering surveys shows changes over time, such as a decrease in sexual assault and an increase in awareness or reporting.

Surveys can provide information about problems in a particular community on campus, enabling you to tailor your prevention and response efforts. Incident rates assessed via confidential or anonymous surveys can be another source of data about the extent of the problem.

Conducting climate surveys can demonstrate your commitment to addressing sexual assault and build trust with students, faculty, parents, and other community members.

Proactive & Comprehensive Measurement of Incidents, Attitudes and Perceptions

Statistical Chart of Assaults on Campuses President Obama's task force indicates that only 2% of incapacitated sexual assault survivors and 13% of forcible rape survivors report the crimes.

Sexual assault is chronically underreported. Reasons cited include fear of reprisal by perpetrator, not knowing how to report incidents, lack of proof, not wanting others to find out what happened, or not wanting to participate in a formal adjudication process.

SmartEvals Climate Survey alleviates all of the reasons that you cannot accurately measure and identify what is happening on campus. Students can anonymously provide information on incidents that have happened without any fear or need for involvement in a formal process.

Regularly administering climate surveys can show changes over time, such as decreases in sexual assaults and increases in awareness or reporting.

Surveys are given in the Fall semester, then again in the Spring semester to measure the effectiveness these commercials have in affecting student perception as well as reporting of incidents.

  • Why SmartEvals's Climate Survey?
  • Uses best practices for comprehensive data
  • Examines both the prevalence and the perceptions of assault on your campus
  • Confidentiality of all responses
  • Uses evidence-based survey measures
  • Smaller survey size
  • Provides further information to students on where or how to get help
  • Key Features:
  • Anonymous responses
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Benchmark your data
  • Customizable questions
  • Include demographics on reports, without asking students
  • Utilizes 6 categories of data collection
  • Mobile-ready; no app needed!
  • Seamless integration with SmartEvals software suite
  • Campus commercials to educate students included with survey
  • Online Course Evaluations


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