This SmartEvals.com Anti-Spam Policy applies to all users of SmartEvals.com and DropGuard brand products and services (hereafter "Covered Services") hosted by GAP Technologies, Inc. (hereafter "GAP" or "We"). By using these Covered Services, you, the user, agree to the SmartEvals Anti-Spam Policy in its entirety. We encourage you to review the policy carefully.

Email and Prohibited Content

Your use of Covered Services is subject to this Anti-Spam Policy. GAP reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time. It is your responsibility to maintain compliance with the Anti-Spam Policy. We regularly monitor messaging and may warn you if we detect improper use of Covered Services.

Email Requirements

GAP has a zero-tolerance spam policy. This means that you must have the express permission of recipients prior to sending emails or other messages through use of Covered Services.

When using Covered Services to send emails to recipients outside of your institution (e.g. addresses not ending in ".edu"), an "unsubscribe" link is automatically inserted to allow the recipient to opt out of receiving email messages. You acknowledge and agree that you will make no attempt to hide, disable, or remove the unsubscribe link from any email message sent via Covered Services.

Covered Services include tools to reduce the likelihood that your messaging campaigns will generate spam complaints from recipients, however, it remains your responsibility to ensure that you remain in compliance with the terms of this Anti-Spam Policy.

Email Restrictions

The email restrictions are as follows:

  1. Emails you send via Covered Services must have a valid reply-to email address owned or managed by you.
  2. We prohibit the use of harvested mailing lists.
  3. You must not send unsolicited mail to newsgroups, message boards, distribution lists, or email addresses via Covered Services.
  4. You must not use Covered Services to send emails with deceptive subject lines or false or misleading header information.
  5. You must not utilize Covered Services to send any email messages to any recipient who has opted out or unsubscribed from receiving electronic messages from you or the institution you represent. (Only applies to accounts not owned by your institution)

Avoiding Spam

GAP works hard to ensure that Covered Services are compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and that we take necessary steps to prevent spam messages from being sent to any of our clients or end-users.

In the interest of providing the best possible experience to you, Covered Services include tools to help avoid spam complaints by preventing excess messages from being sent to individual recipients. By Anti-Spam Policy default, Covered Services include a default minimum messaging interval of 24 hours. The default minimum messaging interval ensures that an individual recipient will receive no more than one (1) email per 24 hour period (or other specified interval), even if that individual is subscribed to multiple mailing lists. Authorized system administrators from your institution may adjust the minimum messaging interval as needed or desired.

Covered Services will follow the specified minimum interval in the following typical scenarios:

  1. If a recipient occupies multiple roles (e.g. student and instructor) at any given time. Covered Services will protect recipients from receiving excess Reminder emails within the minimum interval even if the attempted messages apply to that user's different functional roles.
  2. If multiple users (e.g. administrator and instructor) send messages through Covered Services within the same minimum interval. The minimum threshold applies even if the messages arise from different senders.
  3. If multiple individuals share the same email address (e.g. a married couple shares an email account). The minimum interval applies to the email address rather than the individuals associated with the account.

Certain situations are exempt from the minimum messaging interval. These include:

  1. If a recipient is affiliated with more than one institution at any given time. The minimum messaging interval applies individually to each institution, therefore, messages may be routed to the same recipient regardless of emails sent by other institutions.
  2. If the recipient is an instructor receiving a report release notification. All instructor result release notification messages are sent regardless of the established minimum interval.
  3. If the message is pertaining to a student warning (DropGuard users only). Early alert notifications are exempt from the minimum messaging interval and are routed to students as specified by institutional administrative settings.
  4. If you are the administrator, we will allow all messages. We do not want administrators missing any crucial communications, so we do not block any emails to administrators.

It should be noted that these features, while helpful, are in no way guaranteed to prevent user spam complaints.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about this anti-spam policy, please contact GAP Technologies, Inc. using the details set out below:

GAP Technologies, Inc.
435 Cleveland Dr.
Cheektowaga, NY 14225

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