Partnering with the National Wildlife Federation and others, Gap Technologies, Inc. was a key contributor in converting 86,206 acres in the Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho to a secure habitat for wildlife. This was a critical win for gray wolves, Chinook salmon, wild bison, bighorn sheep, grizzly bears and other wildlife at risk.

As part of the National Wildlife Federations' Adopt an acre effort started in 2003, NWF negotiated with a local herder who owned a grazing permit to allow his sheep to roam in the Salmon-Challis National Forest. While perfectly legal, the producer grazing his sheep on Cape Horn had repeatedly been cited for trailing his sheep through critical spawning habitat and trampling Chinook salmon beds. The Chinook salmon that spawn in this area represent one of the last remaining wild Chinook salmon populations that has not been genetically influenced by hatchery fish.

In addition, the domestic sheep that grazed on this high-elevation allotment during the summer months threatened the health of nearby bighorn sheep populations. Pneumonia passed from domestic sheep to bighorn sheep often results in large-scale die-offs that can affect entire populations. NWF’s solution was to offer to buy the grazing permit from the farmer, turn the permit back to the National Forest, and have the National Forest permanently close the permit.

Faced with a deadline to raise to the money for the project, NWF reached out to its members for donations to pay for the cost of the allotment. While some money was raised, there was a serious shortage between the project requirements and donations. That is where Gap Technologies, Inc. came in. Gap was already working with the Nature Conservancy to identify a project with high environmental value when this came up on their radar. After vetting the project, the Jim Howe from the Nature Conservancy declared this project “A tremendous win for the environment” and Gap Technologies, Inc. stepped up to contribute the remaining funds needed for the project.

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